Riyaz TikTok Star Life Introduction in English | Riyaz Biography in English

Riyaz Ali is an Indian actor, influencer, fashion blogger as well as a very popular Tiktok star. Riaz due to his good video and good acting in Tiktok, TikTok has made him known in public. After that he also released the album Song with Bollywood singer Tony Kakkar ji which earned a lot of money. So let's know in detail about some of Riyaz's life headlines

Riyaz TikTok Star Life Introduction in English |  Riyaz Biography in English
Riyaz TikTok Star Life Introduction in English |  Riyaz Biography in English

Riyaz: Birth, education and family!

Riaz's full name is Riaz Afrin. Riyaz was born on 14 Sept 2003. Riyaz was born in Bhutan in a place called Jaigun. However, his house is also in Jaigun.

Riyaz also has a mother-father and a sister in the family. Mother's name is Shabnam Afreen. And sister is named Riza Afreen. Riyaz and his entire family belong to Islam.

Talking about Riyaz's education, Riyaz has studied only up to 10th standard board. From a school called Shree Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala (SHMD School) which is located in Jaigun, Bhutan.

 And they are studying further. Riyaz belongs to a middle class family. But now he is slightly above middle class. Which is a very good thing. Riaz had a full game from the family. Used to study together.

Riyaz's Carier | Riyaz's career!

Talking about Riyaz's career, he is a very popular TikTok star as well as a model, dancer and influencer. Riyaz has been given popularity by TikTok. Riyaz's Tiktok account has over 23 million followers. Who has achieved this position through very hard work.

Riyaz today achieved such a big position at a very young age. Which is a big deal. Riyaz's income from Tiktok is well received. Riyaz's songs have also been released.

A very popular song with Tony Kakkar. "Yaara Teri Meri Yaari" which was very popular. By the way, there are other songs that you can easily find in YouTube. Riaz Ali makes Bollywood songs and videos. Which gives them a different identity.

Riyaz is very much liked by lip sync and because of its great personality. Most of Riyaz's fans are girls. Who likes Riaz very much. Riaz also has 3.5 million followers in Instgram. Also Instagram has Influencer.

Riyaz: Net Worth / Income!

There is a question of many people how much money Riyaz makes at such a young age.
So let's know how much Riyaz's total income is.
Net-Worth: - 12-15 lakhs
Salary / Monthly: - 1-2 lakhs
Friends, success is achieved by working hard, if not today, then tomorrow is available.

Riyaz: Thoughts and personal life!

Talking about Riyaz's personal life, he is currently said to be single. Riaz himself revealed that he has no girlfriends. But the girls are so much their fans that you cannot even guess.

By the way, you know that Riyaz also brings Bollywood songs with a TikTok star.

Due to this, 12-15 lakhs and monthly income of 1-2 Lakhs is the net worth of Riyaz. Very few people get such a big achievement at such a young age.

None of the friends of Riyaz's family were from Bollywood Industriy. No more, Riyaz achieved such a big success from a big house.

So we should never think of anything that we are from a poor family. We cannot do anything. Keep faith in yourself and keep working hard one day it will come that you will definitely get success.

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