Who is the famous face of internet world Hindustani Bhau

Who is the famous face of internet world Hindustani Bhau, after much struggle, earn so much today

Today Hindustani Bhau has become a famous face on social media. His real name is Vikas Jayaram Pathak. He speaks on different issues through social media. Perhaps there is someone who does not know about them. He also appeared in Bigg Boss after becoming famous with his videos. He could not become the winner of this show but he definitely won the hearts of the people. Now he is in the discussion about the controversial scene of a web series by producer and director Ekta Kapoor. He has lodged a complaint against Ekta Kapoor and is continuously sharing videos on the issue.

Who is the famous face of internet world Hindustani Bhau
Who is the famous face of internet world Hindustani Bhau
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Hindustani Bhau Struggled a lot in life

Today, Hindustani Bhau, famous among the people and earning lakhs of rupees, has also struggled a lot in his life. Today we are going to tell you about some stories related to his personal life. According to a report by Jansatta, Hindustani Bhau is originally from a Marathi family. He had to work till the waiter only in 7th grade due to the weak financial condition of the family. Apart from this, they used to go from house to house selling even incense sticks.

Did a newspaper job

According to the report, after a few years Hindustani Bhau joined a Marathi newspaper called Daksh Police Times. He has also achieved achievements in the journalism world. In the year 2011, Hindustani Bhau received the award for Best Chief Crime Reporter of Mumbai. However, very few of his fans will know about this matter related to Bhau.

YouTube channel Hindustani Bhau formed in 2014, followed by its own YouTube channel in 2014. The popularity of which increased every day. He used to mingle with actor Sanjay Dutt on his channel. Along with this, he started putting classes on many issues of Pakistan too. However, they are still not behind in applying Pakistan's class. Recently he has also introduced a Pakistani YouTar Waqar Zaka class. The video of this conversation through live video of both of them has become fiercely viral on social media.

How did it come in the discussion? 

At the same time, talking about Bhau coming in the discussion, he had posted a video full of abuses for anti-national people. Which later became increasingly viral. He made this video sitting in his car. However, he makes most of his videos sitting in a car. After this same video went viral, Hindustani Bhau became famous as the 'first ever' man.

Apart from being very famous in the world of Meem, Hindustani Bhau is also very much liked in the world of Meem. On social media you will find many memes associated with Bhau. Their memes are also viral on social media. Talking about Bhau's YouTube channel, it has close to 5.40 lakh subscribers. If media reports believe that he earns Rs 40-50 lakh every year from YouTube only. Apart from this, there are other sources of their earnings. This includes jobs as well as TV endorsements.


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