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Rode Mic Plug With The Camera

Mics alright what's going on everybody. Today's video is all about microphones, specifically on-camera shotgun. Microphones maybe you're looking for a microphone, maybe you want to upgrade we have seven of what we think are the most popular microphones for YouTube there are mics you can plug into your computer condenser mics bigger or professional shotgun. Mics came for the mics stayed for the b-roll but we're talking about on-camera shotgun-style microphones, so you can do this in public but really what we're gonna do is get current here. What we're planning to do today is a couple of different scenarios of audio testing and just get to the point, so you can hear how each of these sounds for the given price point so Let's run through the seven contenders. We have on today's video for microphones name at the price alright so these are the contenders and honestly some of our favorite microphones true alright. So as you can see we have these one seven Microphones here if famous Andrew T Kearns come and sit right here and read. Read something off right now we're shooting on my black magic but that built-in inputs are pretty trashed so we're gonna use Sony a7 three really popular camera for a lot of creators yeah. So we're going to switch to this and currents will read I'm gonna tell you the story of Seattle's Best Coffee gather in switching right now so before. We did the first mic. I just want to let you know that what's the situation is we're in the moment office which is historically one of the worst places to film super echoey there's like water running in the pipes ten feet from me and trains trains soar mic as the ceremony sr xm1 calif and this is yeah thank you well said this was the one they sold for phones try that out so sorry we can't test it but maybe when we get the right one hello

The Contender

    Hey Spencer all right this is a test caleb say something from that distance this is sick okay and here's without how's this sounding oh I probably do my script huh yeah fluke oh yeah so we're back to in-camera audio that actually sounded pretty good on the IPhone so I imagine the one they sell for the DSLR will sound just as good or even better the thing I like about this one super small it's just so loud in here yet another mic attested way back in 1970 we set out to craft the best cup of coffee way back in 1970 we sell to craft the best cup of coffee way back in 1970 was held to craft the best cup of coffee way back in 1970 we set up to craft the best cup of coffee way back in 1970 we sell to craft the best cup of coffee way back in 1970 we set up to craft the best cup of coffee by using only the finest beans and perfecting our signature smooth roast we landed on something downright delicious and because we knew we had something special we entered a competition and were first named the best coffee in Seattle we were thrilled and knew that we found our name today we continue to obsess over our award-winning coffee because our name reminds us just how we've set the bar she's humble much alright so this is basically the setup right here we had the microphone Kern's it's really not an ideal setup if you're gonna talk to your microphone for YouTube you're gonna want to be much closer to the microphone how I am here I'm like literally arm's distance this is a solid two two arms five feet easy in a really noisy environment we're gonna go do another test where it sounds a little bit better so shout out to everyone who is forced to film in bad situations so that's a moment office and the train operator and by the way at the end of this video we will definitely be doing a Seattle'sn best first taste we're out in the thick of it here it's raining here's the first mic you know real world vlogging test so for everyone who is look and curious about hey how would it sound on a you know a fairly calm street but you got your ambient noise outside this for the Seahawks play dude but actually it's just really rainy outside so this is the only undercover we could find for this test we just need something to say I literally Google search best life hacks ever switching back to the a7 3 vlog style reddit right it's always trustworthy hi shallots are rated for these life hacks.

    If I have a work or studying to do and I'm not motivated and just start procrastinating I watch a video or listen to a podcast on the topic on YouTube that's pretty smart it helps get my brain focused on the subject before I start getting my own critical thinking that way I'm not going from 0 to 100 and risking my attention going elsewhere loud toys can be nearly silenced by putting a clear scotch tape over the speaker holes it knocks the noise out almost completely but it still is loud enough that the kid enjoys it oh shout out to the parent yeah if you drop something fragile don't try to grab it on the way down stick out a foot and let it bounce off your foot it'll absorb enough of the speed that whatever it is probably won't break that's a smart one I've done that before I did that last night with my phone I dropped it and then I just stuck my foot out shoutouts 1/3 13 you have a complicated name deity VDD the ddv mic d3 pro oh my god that's that's something to say adjust a picture frame at your desk so you can see behind you with the reflection of the glass it's a subtle way of knowing if someone is behind you without looking over your shoulder the whole time and then someone commented stares in the picture of Jesus while opening an incognito tab this is the rode videomic pro plus.

    I work in a very very busy retail store and when my shift ends I need to walk through the sales floor I always walk in a hurry with a photic focused expression on my face and no one ever stops me to ask questions if I look happy or make eye contact with customers they will a hundred percent of the time start asking me questions as I try to leave and someone commented I think I saw you in every circuit city ever check all right so all right so every time Krusty so we just tested all the microphones vlog-style with currents lifehacks yeah however we forgot back at the office the road NT the rode videomic ntg you forgot oh you didn't help any packet anything cool one second and then we'll do that that that Mike that much I know Mike Dewey what is this the rode videomic in TG yeah yeah it's a little bit louder out here so it's not a super fair comparison but whatever still sending it I want to force myself to extra step oh if I want to force myself to exercise in the morning I wear my gym clothes to bed and then someone commented and then wear your pajamas to the gym all right that's it good good test all right back in the car testing the frame all right we're rolling what is this the Joby wave of wave of Jordan at sneaker demon yes thank you which is good for podcasting and actually a local Seattle photographer bench heist responded saying rode videomic ntg has a USB-C out so yeah I would say the ntg is the best anything else you want to say that while you're on the wave ohh-ho ASMR test suite fearsome asks.

    I recently got the DD Pro how convenient so I'm wondering if the $50.00 is worth the change to the rode ntg-2 fearsome I don't really know for sure I guess I'll be up see you to watch this video and find out here's ASMR on this one though so I'm like doing let me know if you know I think I can move it it's in my hand Instagram we can also ask people to subscribe to the channel can you subscribe to the channel please Santos Diego for reference Oh what is this one video Mike III or in ETA V 3 DD v3 I have a rode videomic go and the mic captures a lot of stat can you test those for this so we can choose a better solution so the video might go that Santos Diego's referencing is $60 right it's like 60-ish plus tax these are all priced higher than that so these are all upgrades from that mic I've been using that mic for a while though I have no big issue with it but you're definitely improving quality with any of these so shout out to you Santos Diego hopefully you finally find find the one all right sure VP 83 so pretty much there's no more questions so why should I talk about popular yeah we're not that popular what did you have for breakfast I actually didn't eat breakfast I'm pretty hungry what do you normally a smoothie pour-over lately I've been chomping down eggs and salmon but I keep it light for breakfast are you psyched for Seattle's best yeah I am this is the videomic pro plus rode videomic shadow macdui lookout currents is sitting in the car doing a mic test in the rain hello followers welcome to my channel how's it sound from the side what's up everybody I'm over here chillin in the driver's seat driving really fast okay if you could learn one trick on a skateboard and have it unlock what would it be first off I don't have any of those so anything at this point would be great by like okay I don't care about like a cool trick or whatever I just want like I just want a easy kickflip like everyone just is like they turn their head every time like that would be optimal there you go you heard it here alright next Mike cuz then will do though Mike duty alright dude the viewers want it alright let's make Adil's best we are gonna make a cup of Seattle's best I'm still just reading by tax you're gonna want to grind you pour a little bit of water till it's saturated dude circles makes the flavor better do you have expectations no yeah I do actually 

I read the site of this bag like at least eight times and because we knew we had something special we entered a competition and were named the best coffee in Seattle today we continue to obsessed over our award-winning coffee because it reminds us how high we set the bar smells okay shouts a fill it's actually not bad it's like your standards were high mine were this low and then now I'm like oh that's not terrible anyways um thank you so much for watching I feel like that was such a letdown of a comment say hopefully if you're looking for a microphone this video helps you a little bit these are again just our top our top favorites our top picks kind of for shotgun mics on camera specifically and if you're looking at a microphone for you to being these will all do amazing I'm depending on your budget so check out the sound bites again if you're wanting to go back and forth and hopefully we laid it out in a way that you could understand shout out the mic doing shut out my Dewi click the link below to shop the mics bye bye we hope wait well came for the mic State for the way ho alright.

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