The Falcon and The Winter Soldier EPISODE 6 Part 2

He tells Carly to do one and we realized that she was simply buying time to enact her own plans in the car park he steals a bike and Sharon sticks an explosive made of mercury vapor on a flag smasher named Lennox you know for someone who seems like they want super soldiers. So they can protect them back home definitely doesn't seem that way now throughout this season. One of my big criticisms have been that most of Sam’s fights have been on the ground outside of the first episode he's been down to earth in order to allow Bucky to do things but having him get to take to the skies to chase a helicopter is absolutely incredible. I love how he throws the shield to smash a window and then jumps out in order to catch it he also uses a red wing to scan for a pilot and even his wings as cover later on with this happening publicly.

It allows the world to see firsthand that he deserves the mantle and hearing people cheer at this moment were really nice. Touch now the following action scene in the street has many callbacks to other works firstly the fight between Bucky and the flag smasher is a reflection of the one that he had with Steve at the midpoint of the winter soldier several of the moves are repeated here and in addition to this John Walker arrives this massively echoes when the character showed up in Sam Wilson Captain America and he fought Sam in the middle of the street.

In the comics, he was a U.S  agent at this point and he was there to publicly humiliate Sam so that people would lose faith in him now whilst that That isn't really the case here walker is trying to make it so that people believe he's still Captain America. But when his Diy shield gets kicked out of the way it goes down worse than demi Lovato at the big chill frozen yogurt shop yikes now because it's not made of Vibranium it's nowhere near as effective and the character gets triggered when Carly says that Lamar’s life didn't matter well it mad to me now throughout the last episode we watched as  Walker was haunted by visions of him shouts to Ryan Arie at screen thrush for pointing out that walker would talk out loud to his parents in the comics even though they were gone in the source material them getting murdered was what drove him to be crazy and though they changed it up to Lamar and this I do appreciate the callback Sam hits up a woman to ride his chopper but instead of laying the pipe the pipe lays him we really need some better writers here now. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier EPISODE 6 Part 2

 It might be a reach but this moment reminded me of tony escaping his destroyed home in iron man 3 and it shows just how well equipped Sam now is he's pretty much a combination of both iron man and Captain America at this point and could easily fill the void that the pair have left after end game Sam’s plan of swapping the pilot out works and the battle with the flag smashes continues with Carly trying to crash the truck containing the grc into a construction site.

The music echoes the ending of civil war and when all hope seems lost Sam comes in and saves the day an onlooker calls him the black falcon which is of course what he was referred to when he went to visit Isaiah however, this is corrected to Captain America showing that the public now believes he has the persona the flag smashes flee to the basement of the site and Carly runs into Sharon here we learn it was Sharon carter all along who was the power broker and it was the most obvious thing and I’m not really sure how I feel about it in all honesty firstly there are a lot of contradictions in it and we know from Zemo that he knew the character before the events of the civil war he also called the power broker a he and Sharon was agent 13 at this point and wasn't exiled so it doesn't really line up she's also had numerous points in the series where she could have killed Carly but for some reason didn't know as for Sharon carter she's someone whose comic roots I haven't really touched upon but she's got a great history I think we should go over. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier EPISODE 6 Part 2

So we can see how it lines up with the show version born in Virginia to parents Harrison and Amanda carter Sharon was the niece to Margaret aka Peggy Peggy suffered shell shock in the war and was nursed back to help by the family and Sharon would sit at her bedside while she recounted stories from her life this inspired Sharon to become an agent of shield and after gaining the moniker of agent 13 she was sent on several missions it seemed that Sharon picked up a lot of her aunt's talents and she quickly became one of the company's best agents interestingly in the comics Sharon and bedrock actually went head-to-head on a mission at one point which too involved Steve recognized the resemblance to Peggy but didn't put two and two together until much later down the line when he was a bit uh he might be crossing the line here a bit now over the years they crossed paths and became lovers carter eventually joined the femme force which was led by Valentina who has of course appeared in the series carter spent some years in retirement with steve but she was called back to Judy and shield faked to death when she was dropped behind enemy lines. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier EPISODE 6 Part 2

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