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About Us

Welcome to our blog As Tourism. As Tourism is a friendly travel company that is a part of Kishangarh Ajmer which has been in operation since 2020 and is documented by the company's CEO Mr. A. S., with a team of dedicated professionals, each. To pass and ensure their optimal expertise improves. Complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our team of tour planners and computers, expert tour organizers and professional tour guides together with our friendly staff members, strive to give tourists an authentic and a luxurious and memorable holiday experience. We believe that when you are exploring valuation, land culture and heritage, what you need is someone who understands your needs, an expert who knows the power, whose care and concern can depend on you - really one The person with whom you can form a partnership is a travel experience.

This dedicated consultant listens carefully to you, analyzes your needs and provides complete solutions. We offer a complete travel management, in other words, everything from planning for exit to reserved tours. Whether you are a large group seeking custom travel services or an individual traveler looking for a weekend vacation, you will always receive our professional and personal attention.

The history of Rajasthan is entangled with real life stories of great warriors - depicting great examples of victory and sacrifice. The path it takes tourists to explore the vibrant vibrancy of vibrant Rajasthan is clearly more than words! Colorful festivals, art and culture, forts and palaces, sand dunes, enjoyment of winds, camel safaris are some of the finest displays of Rajasthan's glorious history.

This unique and versatile Indian state is inhabited by Kshatriyas, warrior tribes, who claim to have originated from the Pancha Tattva (Sun, Moon and Fire). This northwestern part of India was controlled by him for over 1000 years. The history of human settlements in the state is about 5000 years old. The richness of its history can be estimated by visiting the place many times. It is said about the history of Rajasthan that the history of the state is more that the rest of the country.

Fast Facts of Rajasthan Tourism:

  • Known as: India's largest state
  • Established: 01 November 1956
  • Population: 73.53 million
  • Location: North Indian state
  • Established: dates back to about 5000 years ago
  • Capital City: Jaipur
  • Area: 342,269 km2
  • Number of districts: 33 total
  • Time Zone: GMT +05: 30 PM
  • Dialects: Rajasthani, Hindi, Marwari
  • Climate: Tropical climate [summer: April - June], [winter: January - March], [monsoon: July - September]
  • Average temperature: 100 C - 450 C
  • Annual rainfall: East Rajasthan - 675 mm, West Rajasthan: 313 mm
  • Best Time to Visit: November - March

The princely land was previously the abode of many states, still full of stories of valor, stories of love and an impressive history. The founders of this impressive heritage have captivated the ages with their style and grandeur and embellished the history of Rajasthan.